One Step at a Time

Last weekend Shanghai was not so sunny but nevertheless 2000 people came out to Pudong to run the annual JinQiao 8K Race. I had signed up as part of a team and had I not been a team member, I think I would have saluted the raindrops and headed back to bed. After all it had been two years since I had run farther then 5K so it would have been easy to convince myself that I wasn’t ready for 8K in the rain. But the good angel shook me awake and said I couldn’t let down the team.

Often you hear the line that the first step to any change is the hardest. I would disagree a bit with that.  Usually once I am out the door the rest is easy. I would argue that the hardest part to any change is about two weeks after you start.  To continue with my race saga, the hardest part of the race for me was when I thought the route should turn and head to the finish and it did not, meandering another two blocks before the turn.  I often see people full of energy to make lifestyle changes for the first week and sometimes it continues on to the second, but often if they don’t see the tangible results in two weeks the “race” to change gets harder. It is tough to keep plodding on those extra miles without seeing the “turn”.  But plod we must  as I told many of my teammates worried about finishing “Remember there is only one way to get back”. ( Of course there was the smart aleck who told me he could hop in a taxi…).

The point is to change your lifestyle habits takes a first step  and a second and third step and the determination to keep going until you meet your goal.   There are lots of tips and tricks to get you over those bumpy miles to the finish and having team support that includes a dietitian or health coach can help you to keep moving forward. Jia you!

By the way I made it to the bus and I made it to the race and I made it to the finish line faster than I ever thought I would, despite plodding those two looong “extra” blocks.

More fun this weekend is the Jiashan Fresh Market, Saturday from 10 am. So run over to Shaanxi Lu for some great shopping !

**To keep you on a healthy track join the Slow Food Shanghai  Week Nine Farm Tour and BBQ on April 27th. This will be a great day of family fun including a chance to pick strawberries and maybe cherries!                                                                                                     Contact: (RSVPs required) before Tuesday, April 22.

Eat Well, Live Well, Keep Running!