Organics: Here,There & Everywhere

national_organic_labelIf you have been reading any of the local expat magazines lately you have been seeing more articles about ‘going organic’ and how to ‘be’ organic in Shanghai.

I originally wanted to write about all the places one could pick up organic products both in Puxi AND Pudong. What I soon came to realize after several searches both on foot and on the internet is that organic products are everywhere , just not all in one place. Almost all the shops I stopped in, from Carrefour to small independent grocers, offered organic veggies and some offered organic fruit (although this is much less common). Pastas and grains are the  next most available organic items to be found on the grocers shelves, followed by milk. Much less common is organic meat products , and by this I mean hormone-free, anti-biotic free chicken, pork and beef.

The best advice I can give anyone wanting to introduce some organic products in to their lifestyle is hunt around. Most stores have some products and there are always new products popping up on the online grocery store shelves. Fields at has great organic veggies and is very helpful in assisting with other product request.  When going for the organic in Shanghai you might not find everything you are used to eating but you will find enough to move you in that general direction.

To find hormone-free meat products I can suggest Les Garcons Bouchers at 2261 Jian He Lu ( near Hong Qiao Lu) 6209-1803.  Also in Gubei there is the Japanese market Shin Sen Kan at, 925-935 Huangjin Chengdao. Also ask about the meat where you normally shop, you might be  pleasantly surprised.

Check the Eat Well Shanghai guidebook for a complete listing of the online grocery stores, many that feature organic products.

Eat Well, Live Well , Have Fun