Raw Food for Thought- Part Two

Lime mousse

Yesterday, I made my initial visit to the world of raw food cuisine. Actually the more accurate description is Raw Living cuisine. The Living part is important because the diet is based on fruits,veggies,nuts and seeds in their unprocessed and uncooked state. Seeds are often soaked,  starting the germination process ( thinks sprouts), which offers even greater nutritional benefits.

A raw food dish can be as simple as a salad with homemade dressing or just a bit more complicated like the yummy Lime Mousse Mango Parfaits we devoured.  I learned yesterday that raw food cooks will use oven dehydrators ( not to exceed 118degrees F or 48 degrees C) to prepare foods to use in recipes.

I also had the opportunity to taste some delicious pumpkin seed milk. The “milk” is slightly sweet and very creamy.  And, with just a little forethought easy to prepare.  Forethought is important when it comes to soaking the seeds for a couple of hours which, while not necessary, turns out a smoother product. What I found even more exciting is the pumpkin seed flour that is leftover when your strain the liquid off. It was as fluffy as any other flour and can be used to substitute for wheat flour.

Jennifer McClelland is a trained chef so you knew the food was going to look good and taste good, and it did.  Did the two-hour workshop convert me ?  Well no (I did mention my affinity for caffeine) but I do think there are plenty of reasons to move toward this type of diet.

The Pros:

  • The emphasis on unprocessed foods. If you follow this blog you will remember my suggestion that we all “eat outside the box” .
  • It is a diet based on fruits and vegetables and therefore full of color and variety. You can’t go wrong if you have a rainbow on your plate.
  • It eliminates white sugar, which has no nutritional value so you really don’t need it in your diet anyway.

The Cons:    ( If you have pros you must have cons….)

  • Preparation can be time consuming.
  • Difficult to maintain if you frequently travel.
  • Requires some  vitamin/mineral supplementation

The verdict:  I would recommend including many of the principles of a raw food lifestyle to anyone interested in improving their health and well-being with food.  As Jennifer said” It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.”

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun !