Slow Food Revolution!

What a week it has been for good food!   Last Friday was Food Revolution Day.  Food Revolution Day was pioneered by renowned English celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver as a day of action to ” raise awareness about the importance of good food and better food education for everyone by focusing on three simple actions – cook it, share it, live it.” Oliver believes we are losing the traditional cooking skills that used to be handed down from generation to generation.  Most people now lack even the most basic cooking  skills.

Here in China is it is noted as somewhat of a joke that the highly educated  and privileged one child cannot cook for themselves and many are either relying on parents or grandparents to cook for them, eating out every meal and even taking basic cooking courses.

Oliver’s message is simple, “We need to get back to basics: to cook and eat fresh local produce; to share cooking skills and food knowledge.”

World Food Revolution Day was celebrated with special events all around the world.  Here in Shanghai I was fortunate enough to attend a lively panel discussion at M on the Bund hosted by Michelle Garnaut. The topic, Our Foodprint, ranged, but mostly focused on  the efforts ( or lack of) of China to have a sustainable, transparent and safe food supply. Lunch, of course, was included and featured 3 delicious courses of almost all locally ( as in China) sourced foods.

The concept of cooking and eating local , fresh food is also the philosophy of the Slow Food Movement. If you have been following this blog then you have read about the Slow movement before.  This weekend Slow Food Shanghai was lucky to have  Carlotta Baitone, Slow Food International – East Asia Director join us for a truly special dinner at  Madison on Fenyang Lu. Again every incredible dish was prepared with a locally sourced product.  From the spicy popped Chongming  black rice ( more yummy than popcorn) to the roasted Anhui black pig to the yangmei sorbet, the menu promoted the Slow Food philosophy of Good, Fair and Safe food.  And I would add fun and delicious to that list.

While World Food Revolution Day only comes around once a year, Slow Food Shanghai hosts events every month.  If you would like to know more about Slow Food Shanghai and the upcoming events, go to 

I have enjoyed all the events that Slow Food Shanghai has put on but more than that I believe we can all promote the ideas of the Food Revolution Movement and Slow Food just by getting  back to basics.  Cooking with friends and family, sharing good food and good conversation should happen far more often then once a month.  So pull out that old cook book this week and make something you haven’t made in a long while and have a meal with the family.

Eat Well , Live Well, Have Fun!