Summer Slow Down

For most of us expats summer is anything but slow. Often we are jetting back to our home countries to visit family and friends, doctors and dentists and shopping for all that we miss in Shanghai. What this means, generally , is that we are literally on the go from touchdown to take off.

This summer was to be no different for me, in fact with a senior in high school the pace was going to be stepped up a bit to include those necessary college visits. However as often happens the summer gods had other plans, nothing like a broken ankle to make you stop and “smell the flowers”.

So what has this minor misfortune of mine have to do with good summer time nutrition? As I try to find the silver lining in most unfortunate events, I think being sidelined reminds us to take care in what we do, especially eating. Many times on home leave people tell me they just couldn’t follow their diet or exercise routine, because there was “no time” and there were so many celebrations and summertime reunions. No doubt all of this is true. But  I am sure, if you took the time to think about it, that my smart readers and clever clients could tell me how to avoid the summertime 10 ( pounds that is!).

I will give you 5 simple suggestions ( nobody likes rules):

1. Get enough sleep. Jet lag is a temporary challenge but sleep is essential to enjoying your visit  and making wise decisions about eating and drinking.

2. Get some exercise. Enjoy running/walking with family and friends.  A shared physical activity is a great way to catch up.

3. Chose a new restaurant. Explore all the healthy options available where you visit that you may not find in Shanghai.

4. Cook ! Offer to cook an exotic Chinese meal for friends and family. Most places in the world  have a summer bounty of fruits and vegetables in season.

5. Slow down! You shouldn’t have to endure a broken bone to slow down and enjoy the company of friends and family and a good book!

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!

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  1. Really enjoying your article! Eating well, especially with friends and family, is a top priority.

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