Step Up to 2016

Over the past holiday I , like many of you, visited my childhood home. Going through some old memories I came across an exercise video. Now I haven’t done an exercise video ever, so I am not sure who left this at my mother’s , but in any case I was intrigued by the offer of fitness in 29 minutes a day. The past year or so I have fallen off the regular fitness wagon so this dusty video seemed like a sign, and who doesn’t have 29 minutes? So in to the suitcase with the “Beach Body” video.

Determined to  regain a measure of regular exercise I have turned on the above video.  As we all know, the most important thing about changing a habit is consistency. This morning I almost fell victim to the voice that said, “you have done this annoying exercise video for 4 days, you deserve a break today”…but then the other voice in my head said “you have only done this annoying exercise video for 4 days”. I did the video. After all, who doesn’t have 29 minutes? Consistency is the only way to see change.

If you have been considering a change either in exercise habits or eating habits there are plenty of avenues of support to get you started. From apps to classes to friends and videos, there is no need to go it alone.

One app I have recently heard about is called WiThings. Withings (  does it all according the website, from home security to charting your blood pressure. What interests me is the tie in with your health. Like other apps ( Withings tracks your intake and activity level in very cool looking charts. Along with that you can add a blood pressure monitor and a scale, giving you even more visuals to check. These charts are great motivators to keep you listening to the healthy voices.

Need help choosing which foods to enter into the tracking app? Sproutlifestyle (www.sproutlifestyle) has a wide variety of delicious, nutritious cooking classes on tap every week. Check out their website for all the yummy offerings.

Whatever you decide to change or not change in 2016, we at Eat Well Shanghai wish you a year of good meals and good health!

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!