An Apple a Day

Apples are now in season, actually have been for at least a month. Funny thing is this seasonal staple of the American diet is often over looked as a healthy bite of nutrition. There is a reason for the old saying of “An apple a day will keep the doctor away”  because even way back in 1886,when the phrase first appeared, apples were seen as a source of good health and nutrition.

Apples offer a daily dose of fiber to your diet and the acidic content of apple juice is a natural antiseptic that is great for keeping your gums healthy. Hence the old fashion description of an apple as “nature’s toothbrush”. See you mom wasn’t making all that up!

Apples have flavonoids ( a type of anti-oxidant) , in particular quercertin and naringin, which when working together can help to reduce your risk of lung cancer, something that may have been on your mind lately( think smog…).

So among all the other benefits of eating an apple a day, don’t forget the refreshing taste of a crisp apple, you get your fiber, your teeth cleaned and perhaps some protection against the pm2.5 level.

Apples do appear on the dirty dozen list put out by the Environmental Working Group in the U.S. ( This list highlights the 12 fruits and vegetables, grown conventionally, that have the most pesticide residue after picking. The EWG recommends you chose organic when eating these items, which includes the nutritious apple.

But try finding an organic apple in Shanghai that hasn’t traveled across an ocean. Until now it was darn near impossible.  Since last month organic apples have been available from Biofarm ( Biofarm is a great enterprise out in Pudong that grows organic vegetables but also works to teach local farmers organic farming methods and introduce new crops. Hence organic apples are now available close to Shanghai.

You should visit Biofarm for a fun weekend outing or you can order from their website.  They have a farmers market on Saturday’s at the farm in Pudong as well as attending the farmers market at the Shanghai Center once a month.

Enjoy your apple a day and hopefully you will keep the doctor at bay!

Eat ,Live Well, Have Fun!