Back to School, Back to Reality

One nice aspect of my job is that I get to hear “food” stories from both expats and non-expats living here in Shanghai. And of course how people Eat Well here in Shanghai is what EWS is all about. 

Recently I was told a story about a young student that couldn’t wake up in the morning ( may sound familiar). His parent’s would cajole him out of bed only to have him doze through breakfast and sleepwalk through the morning until recess and his mid-morning snack. A call from the teacher  moved the parents to find a solution. The student now rises a bit earlier (still sleepy) takes a short bike ride with Dad, returns home awake and hungry for breakfast. He gets to school bright-eyed and ready to learn. Happy ending for all!

What this short tale tells us is something we all know but often disregard, unless it is the weekend.  Breakfast is IMPORTANT.

Eating a breakfast with protein and a natural carbohydrate (whole fruit, whole grain, dairy) within an hour of waking provides your body the energy and your mind the motivation to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, be it learning to do addition or sealing a contract.

What kind of morning food works best? Sorry folks, your double shot grande latte with a scone, is not the right choice to start the day. As stated earlier protein and a natural carbohydrate is the morning meal goal. Something as simple as muesli and milk fits the bill or yogurt and fresh fruit. Don’t like traditional breakfast foods? How about half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or some cheese and crackers, any leftovers from last nights dinner? Rather drink then eat? Smoothies are always the quick and easy answer and they fit nicely in your to go cup.

Need more facts? Studies show that kids who eat breakfast do better in school. They are more alert, less distracted and better behaved. Adults who eat breakfast tend to weigh less.

Need more ideas? check out the new e-book, Ni Hao Bao Bao, written for growing healthy kids with healthy foods by two of Shanghai’s resident dietitians, Midge Crist, RD and Stephanie Zhang, MS, RD.

So whether you are sending your family back to school, off to work or both, breakfast  just may be the answer to those sleepyheads in the house!

Eat Well, Live Well, Have fun!


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