Jiashan Market Surprise

  This past Saturday Shanghai was blessed with a beautiful spring day. Perfect for taking a walk down Shaanxi Nan Lu which, if it is the right Saturday, will lead you to the bi-monthly Jiashan Saturday Market.

To be honest I haven’t strolled the market since the fall and after my visit this weekend I am sorry I put off the return trip.  I was pleasantly surprised at the number, variety and quality of the vendors participating.

My friends and I started shopping as soon as we turned the corner and ran into a lovely lady selling home made dog biscuits. She proudly displayed eight flavors in a variety of shapes. To be honest my dog will eat just about anything he can catch so I wasn’t worried about picking out the right flavor. But the cookies are quite fun to see, and my dog loved them all! If you have a four legged friend who deserves a special treat email shanghaihappytails@gmail.com

With the pets taken car of we were ready to feed ourselves. No problem there the food choices ranged from Mexican ( a new shop on Wulumuqi road just next to the Avocado lady) to Spanish (Macarena: tanny.ojeda@gmail.com),Amelia’s lovely ham wraps and Turkish food. The best part is that almost every stand had free samples, including the champagne/ wine guy ( Staxx  on weibo @stxxwine), who, by the way, was right next to the guy selling pate, truly a perfect combination on a sunny day!

Besides the dog biscuit lady I was amused by the guy selling organic olive oil from his family owned olive grove in Greece. Not only could you pick up a bottle of his tasty oil but you could “adopt an olive tree” if you were really keen on the oil. The “adoption” ran about RMB1688 and for that you received all the oil your tree could produce in one year. Apparently a tree averages about 7 – 750ml bottles a year. Not a bad price really if you use a lot of high quality olive oil.

The market had much more as well: bakers ( I picked up some great bread from Shanghai Young Bakers) and coffee makers , tea sellers and juicers. Plenty to tempt and satisfy. The best part is when you need a rest the Melange Oasis is right there for a nice sit down and cup of ginger honey tea.

No doubt the weekends are just going to get nicer here in Shanghai and there is no more pleasant a place to spend a couple of hours than the Jiashan Saturday  Market. If my calculations are correct the next market day should be Saturday April 19th.

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!

The Mood is Fresh

Over the last several months I have had the chance to spend more than a couple of occasions enjoying a meal or a coffee in the lovely courtyard of Melange Oasis. And judging by the bustling  lunch time crowd, I am not the only one to discover that this bistro meets the definition of Eat Well Shanghai, with a menu that is both healthy and delicious !

Now there is another reason to stop by Melange Oasis in the Jiashan Market at 550 Shaanxi Nan Lu. As of Friday the Eat Well Shanghai Guidebook is  available at the restaurant for perusing and purchasing.

Not far from Melange Oasis is the second shop of the Freshary. Julie wrote about the Freshary on this blog when it first opened up last fall (11/19/2010).

The Freshary is an “ice cream” shop and bakery ( the only one in Shanghai) that offers organic, totally vegan products.  So no animal products are used in the production of the tasty muffins and brownies.  They offer several baked good products and two kinds of frozen dessert, creamy vanilla soy and black sesame, which is a really cool purplish – black color.  I admit it took me way too long to get over to the shop but since then I have been back twice for the black sesame cream cones.

Unfortunately the last time I stopped by the Julu Lu shop ( Friday) it was closed for “some changes”, so I recommend you call first (6445-2137) or go on over to their other shop at SML Center,618 Xujiahui Lu,B2, T-13  for a heart healthy taste treat.

Eat Well , Live Well, Have Fun !Freshery