Produce Not Product

This week I had in mind to talk about cooking for your kids. This topic is showing up in nutrition blogs all over the place and well it should. We take our kids to the doctor, we monitor their screen time, we make sure they get plenty of rest, we put them in the best schools all for a bright future but at the same time we feed them “instantly” from a box or a bag.  When in fact good food is what makes all the other parts of our child’s life not just possible but better. Shouldn’t meal time for our children get the most of our attention and care? In short we should be emphasizing “produce over products”, we need to be cooking for kids and teaching kids to cook.

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, author of an article that recently came across my desk, points out that besides the reasons  given most often by parents when the subject of  having home cooked meals comes up, that between working and kid’s heavy schedules there is no time left, there is the perspective that this has become the norm rather than the exception through no fault of our own. He points out that the big food industry has worked hard to convince us that by putting a nutrition label on the back or even on the front of the box that this somehow makes the processed food inside healthy. Besides the big bad food corporations there is the fact that most ( American anyway) schools no longer include home economics or household management in their curriculums.  For many of us that is where we learned to make a basic white sauce and sew a straight seam.

Interestingly he also calls out the “no time” excuse with the telling statistics that most Americans average about 34 hours a week in front of the TV and another 8 on the internet, in my house it is probably the opposite. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it is just how we wish to spend them.

Again , not all our fault but there are things we can do to reverse the trend and give our kids the foundation of good health that they will carry out of the house along with that great resume.

I always tell people kids model what they see.  You never learned to cook? Start now and make it a family project. Cooking classes for adults and kids abound in Shanghai. I even saw one advertised today about how to deliciously use up leftovers.

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