Gluten Free Gusto

Just a few years ago being gluten-free in Shanghai was more than a hassle. There were a few expensive gluten-free products on the grocery shelves and forget about any restaurant knowing what you were asking for when you asked about menu items.

Then Gluten-Free China came to Shanghai and a community was born. Through their tireless efforts being gluten-free, for whatever reason, in Shanghai (and Beijing) is now much, much easier. And you aren’t alone! Gluten-Free Shanghai started a peer support WeChat group in January whose members are constantly ringing in with helpful hints from doctors to products . To join this very chatty group, search WeChat ID Gluten-Free Shanghai

More and more products are becoming available in Shanghai at the shops and online. Kate& Kimi ( carries a large amount of GF baked products; Sandi’s Gluten-free shop caters specifically to people following a gluten free diet. Sandi delivers prepared baked foods as well as specialty flours, GF packaged products and many allergy friendly products. Sandi, of course,also has a WeChat, the ID is Special Treats. Just want to browse her online shop? Check or  call 13524057692.

More restaurants are aware of the gluten free dietary restriction and some even have menu items catering to gluten-free patrons.  Sproutlifestyle Café is a very popular gluten free café located at Shaanxi Nan lu and Fuxing lu. Check the Sproutlifestyle website( for the wide offering of healthy cooking classes for gluten free eating at home.

Gluten-free Shanghai is more than just an online community resource, they also hold monthly socials around town and welcome all ( including kids!). The next one is Sunday April 10th. Check   for all the event details.

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!