Nutrition Q&A

The Shanghai Nutrition Practice Group is a group of nutrition professionals living and working in Shanghai. We meet on a regular basis for discussions on timely nutrition issues. Generally the group limits membership to people with training in nutrition or a related science, such as food science, nursing, wellness and naturopathy. This month we are very excited to offer all this experience to the public free of charge.

On Monday , November 16th from 10:30 am – 12 pm at  the SproutLifestyle Café, the Shanghai Nutrition Practice Group has teamed up with Gluten-Free China and the nutrition wellness experts at SproutLifestyle  for an open nutrition question and answer event.

Whatever urgent question you have in the broad field of nutrition; general wellbeing, weight management, digestion or  special diets, come ask the  best experts available in Shanghai.

Kimberly Ashton (Health Coach at Sprout Lifestyle), Margaret Keefe (RDN at Shanghai United Family Hospital and Eat Well Shanghai)  Sanna Luoto (MS Food Science from Gluten-Free China) and John Vallis (Dr. of Naturopathy) are ready to answer your questions!

Not only will you be able to have your important nutrition questions answered but if you have ever wondered if gluten or celiac may be an issue for you , Gluten Free China will be at the event and they will be doing  on the spot tests with their BiocardTM Coeliac Test

The event is free but you must register if you would like to take the celiac test.

For the test please RSVP to laura @ by Nov 13. A registered nurse will be there to assist in taking the test.

Free admission! Don’t forget the Lucky Draw!

See you on Monday, November 16, 10.30 am – 12 noon, at Sprout Lifestyle 2F.

388 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Fuxing Lu, Shanghai. 388 陕西南路, 近复兴路, 上海.


Eat Well , Live Well, Have Fun!

Good Cookin’

Last week my ayi finished a 4 part healthy cooking class offered by Sproutlifestyle, after all she is as interested in healthy and safe eating as I am and she was due for some professional development. Overall I have the impression that she enjoyed the classes, liked using all the super cooking equipment and has already offered me some advice on using my electric kettle  (change the water  often).

When people come to me for advice on improving their diet one aspect that is most often overlooked is cooking. This really is a bigger cornerstone to good health than we give credit to.  It’s simple, when you cook you control the ingredients. That in itself can go a long way in improving your diet.

Summer, with all the fresh produce around, is a great time of year to try out new recipes from the grill to the garden. Don’t know what to cook? There is this thing called the internet that has recipes and menu plans at the touch of a key. Blog sites with recipes for every taste abound.

Even more fun than using the internet is to take a couple of cooking workshops yourself.  Shanghai is lucky to have plenty to chose, from baking to Indian to Chinese to Raw food. Most recently I learned that Shanghai Young Bakers  is offering public baking classes. In fact Saturday, June 13th you could learn how to make your own baguettes. For those who don’t know SYB, is an organization that provides fully sponsored French bakery training to disadvantaged Chinese youth, providing them with the skills to find qualified jobs. Have more of a sweet tooth? The Shanghai Young Bakers final class for June, June 27th, will be a “Power Puff Tutorial” featuring eclairs, cream puffs, Paris-Brest & Religieuse . C’est bonne! Check out for more information.

Since opening their new store with the beautiful demo kitchen, Sproutlifestyle has been offering cooking classes several times a week. This Saturday, June 13, they will be featuring plant based cooking, focusing on grains. Sign up at

More interested in a cultural cooking experience? There a variety of places and people in Shanghai who offer Chinese cooking classes but my personal and pleasurable experience has been with Mike on Dong Ping Lu (Address: Room 108-109, No.2, Dong Ping Road, by Heng Shan Road, 15821618151).

You may not need a cooking class to get you going but a new cookbook always inspires me.  Eat Well Shanghai distributes Ni Hao Bao Bao a bilingual cookbook by two Shanghai expat dietitians. This little book is great for parents and kids as well. Cooking together is a great way to spend time with your children, having fun and surreptitiously reinforcing healthy eating habits! The best part is Ni Hao Bao Bao is now on sale! So save some money and get this gem from Kate& Kimi delivered right to your door.

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!

EWS Update

Every now and then you have to take care of business and this is what today’s blog is about.

First tomorrow is a Jiashan Market Day! If you haven’t been yet I encourage you to stop this gem of a market.  It is small but it is filled with plenty of delicious options for good food.  If you haven’t been in awhile it is time to go again as the vendors are changing all the time. If you can’t get there tomorrow , the next few market days are June 6th and June 20th.

Jiashan Market : 11 – 4 pm, #37 Lane 550 Shaanxi Lu near Shaoxing Lu.

Next, yummy anti-biotic/hormone free butter is on the way! Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Ann Hsu of uibek Dairy Products Co.Ltd., purveyor of that fine Xinjiang yogurt we all love from Kate& Kimi. I noticed she advertised butter and asked if they had organic butter. It isn’t labeled organic but that  is immaterial because the point is it is butter free of anti-biotics and hormones. I often tell people that it is better to spend your organic RMB on hormone free, anti-biotic free, organic meat and dairy products then on the fruits and veggies. If you can afford both that is great but  with fruits and vegetables you  do have ways  to ( washing/peeling) to reduce  your exposure to toxins but not so with meat, fish or dairy products.

The uibek butter is  available  on Taobao and  will soon turn up on the Kate and Kimi website.

Finally, since we have covered fruits and veggies at the market and good fats from uibek I will finish with the sugar challenge.

I have more to say about sugar but if you feel like you can’t live without a little something sweet after every meal or as an afternoon pick me up then perhaps you are hooked.  Sproutlifestyle has made May the No Sugar challenge month with weekly Saturday talks on how to tame the sugar monster. See for more information.

Finally another plug for Sproutlifestyle, our favorite health food store. They have moved to a bigger and better location at 388 Shanxi Nan Lu , very close to the corner of Fuxing Xi Lu. They now have more stuff in the store and a lovely café upstairs. Definitely worth the trip.

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun its Spring in Shanghai!

Eat Well Around Town

What a great time of year to be in Shanghai! The leaves are popping out all over the Former French Concession and restaurants around town are filled with customers eating “al fresco”.

There are plenty of events to get you in the mood to eat well:

First check out Sproutlifestyle’s (my favorite specialty whole foods store) new location at  388 Shaanxi Nan Road near the corner with Fuxing Xi Road. While you are there perusing all the new and favorite foods, be sure to register  for one of the fun  foodie and wellness health classes.

Still worried about eating safely in Shanghai? If you are a member of SEA  sign up for  the April 27th event, From Paddock to Plate. Richie Gelber of  Gusto Fine Foods fame and Hamish Pollitt, executive chef at M on the Bund, team together to give an unadulterated look at the agricultural industry here in China.

EperMarket and the  Community Center in Pudong will co-host  a Healthy Living in Shanghai workshop on Thursday, April  23 rd from 10 am – 1 pm.  Yours truly will be speaking that morning on Having a Healthy and Safe Diet Shanghai Style!  Contact: for more information.

Kate & Kimi and Fields are both celebrating anniversaries  so check them out for special deals and events all month long.

Remember you can find all the information you need on eating and shopping well in Shanghai  in the handy Eat Well Shanghai Guide to Eating Well at Home and on the Run, 2nd edition available from Kate&Kimi and this website.

Over the next two months take advantage of all the outdoor opportunities to eat well before the dragons of summer roll in and push us back inside to cool down.

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!