Eat Well Shanghai Tidbits

 This is a not so subtle reminder that Eat Well Shanghai distributes two very helpful books for the new and experienced Shanghai expat interested in eating well and feeding their family well.

The Eat Well Shanghai Guide will help you sift through the maze of organic labeling, recommend how to wash your produce and offer you tips on where to shop , in town , online or at the fresh market. The Guide also includes tons of tips on how to manage the crazy eating lifestyle here in Shanghai from dim sum to happy hours.

Ni Hao Bao Bao is a jam packed bilingual cookbook written by two dietitians who have lived, shopped and cooked in Shanghai.  All the recipes were tested here in Shanghai with local ingredients.

Check out these books on this website and order them with free delivery from Kate&Kimi. (

Look for these books and more from the Eat Well Shanghai table at  The Shanghai Expatriate Coffee on Monday, February 9th and at the  Kate & Kimi  Pop-up Market at Wellington College on Wednesday February 11 from 2-4pm.

February is also a big month for chocolate lovers. Readers of this blog will have read about the numerous benefits of eating chocolate and they won’t be surprised when I recommend you head to Sproutlifestyle for your Valentines and Chinese New Year Gifts this month. Sproutlifestyle chocolates are dairy free, contain no preservatives, fillers or chemicals and are lovingly made without processed sugar.   I can personally vouch for the  cacao energy balls ( a guilt free afternoon pick me up) but there is more! Other super treats include raw choc cake & delicious chocolates. These terrific chocolate delights are available  at the Sprout café, Minhang store, Y+ yoga, and Essentials protein bar. Or order these or perhaps a whole cake via email:

And don’t forget to stop by the twice monthly Jiashan Market, 550 Shaanxi Nan Lu.  Lots of fun food vendors and organic whole food vendors. Market is open February 7th and 21st this month.

Eat Well, Live Well Have Fun!