For all the Tea in China

In the past few weeks I have heard much talk about the nutritional and health  benefits of drinking Pu’er tea, a fermented,compressed tea grown in Yunnan province.  Apparently this tea has become the wonder elixir of the year. Good for everything from heart disease to digestion to weight-loss. And all without caffeine.  It sounded too good to be true, so  I just had to do a bit of investigating and taste tasting, of course.

What is true is Pu’er tea is a very smooth beverage that is robust enough to replace your morning coffee. Since it is real tea from tea leaves it does have caffeine but the amount is much less then other teas and coffee.

As for lowering your cholesterol and speeding weight-loss, that maybe true.  A limited number of studies  have shown positive results but most these studies have been  done on rats. So while you should not assume people are like rats, this fact should not keep you from drinking this tea.

In fact, since we are in China, the mecca of the tea world, you should make it a point to drink tea. All teas have health benefits due to their super anti-oxidant content. Green tea packing the most power in a cup. I highly recommend that you try any and all varieties of tea while you are here. Even if you are a committed coffee drinker , you will find pleasure in a well-brewed cup of tea.

You can pick up tea just about anywhere in Shanghai but for an entertaining  afternoon of tea sipping and shopping, try the Tianshan Tea Market at 520 Zhongshan Xi Lu (full address in the EWS Guidebook). Like most commodity markets in Shanghai , the tea market is a mixture of shops and stalls on several floors in two buildings. I have wandered there myself and fell upon some delicious blueberry tea that was as lovely to sniff as it was to drink, and full of antioxidants to boot.

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