Taking the Vegan Challenge


Are you up to the challenge?
Are you up to the challenge?

Starting this February 11th 2017, with a launch party at Happy Buddha, the Shanghai “21 day vegan challenge” begins! (see link at the end of the post.)  For anyone who has wanted to try a vegan diet, Happy Buddha, Saucepan, Veggie Lovers and Veggie Dorm have joined forces with VeganFiesta to create this great event!  If you are inclined to drool over a delicious cheese board or juicy steak, unsure of how you will find the willpower not to eat them, you are sure to find lots of support from fellow challenge members.  There are also activities every day from cooking classes to workouts.  Too tired to make your own vegan food?  Then order a vegan meal from one of the multiple partners at a discount or buy a week long meal plan from Better Bentos.  I will be trying this challenge; although I can’t promise I’ll make it through to the end!  I will be contributing to the challenge by giving a nutrition class at Hunter Gatherer on the evening of February 23rd.  The class will focus on healthy vegan eating patterns, to ensure those participating get all of their proper nutrients.
I have heard some debate over whether or not vegans can get all the nutrients they need.  They absolutely can if they eat the right plant sources.  B12 is an exception but it can be obtained through fortified foods or nutritional yeast, check out this great vegetarian resource here.  Vegetarians and vegans tend to have an overall lower cancer rate than the general population as well as a lower BMI.  Conversely, just because someone is vegan does not automatically mean they are eating healthy.  Sugars, oils and certain processed “junk foods” can be vegan.  So remember, no matter what diet you choose, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is best for optimal health.
Until the next time, wishing you and your family good fortune in this New Year of the Rooster!

Eat Well Shanghai! – Jessica W.

Link to 21 Day Vegan Challenge

Vegan Update Eating Well in Shanghai

As I mentioned in my blog of March 28th,  I did commit to the 21 day Vegan challenge organized by Physician’s for Responsible Medicine.  I am half way through at this point and I have to say, it hasn’t been too much of a challenge.

I have figured out that I was eating vegan/vegetarian style already fror almost two of every 3 meals/day anyway and this is the biggest reason why the complete vegan lifestyle has been more of an inconvenience then a challenge.

With the exception of chocolate, I haven’t really missed eating anything in particular.  Not having cheese has made pizza and nachos a bit dry but other than that I have managed to feed my self better than ever and have not been hungry one day.  Do I feel better ?  I will let you know on day 22 !

In the next week Shanghai has plenty of opportunites for you to try eating vegan- style or raw style or  just eating well.

This weekend, Saturday April 21 The Market is back on at Jiashan Market , 550 Shanxi Nan Lu.  Go help yourself to a wide range of organics, smoothies and yummy cookies or just absorb the relaxing vibe over a hot cup of joe at the Melange Oasis.

On Sunday, April 22, join  The Wellnees Works and Slow Food Shanghai for a spring jaunt out to Chongming Island, the center of organic farming around Shanghai, for a tour of the Mahota Farm. For more information contact: events@the-wellness-works.com

And finally, the raw chefs are back! I encourage everyone to experience a raw food event at least once.  You may not adopt the lifestyle but the food is delicious and the atmosphere delightful. On Tuesday April 24th, The Wellness Works will be hosting a raw food dinner party at the Melange Oasis Cafe. To learn more about this event contact: events@the-wellness-works.com

So you have no excuse now not to Eat Well, Live Well and Have Fun this week !