The Mood is Fresh

Over the last several months I have had the chance to spend more than a couple of occasions enjoying a meal or a coffee in the lovely courtyard of Melange Oasis. And judging by the bustling  lunch time crowd, I am not the only one to discover that this bistro meets the definition of Eat Well Shanghai, with a menu that is both healthy and delicious !

Now there is another reason to stop by Melange Oasis in the Jiashan Market at 550 Shaanxi Nan Lu. As of Friday the Eat Well Shanghai Guidebook is  available at the restaurant for perusing and purchasing.

Not far from Melange Oasis is the second shop of the Freshary. Julie wrote about the Freshary on this blog when it first opened up last fall (11/19/2010).

The Freshary is an “ice cream” shop and bakery ( the only one in Shanghai) that offers organic, totally vegan products.  So no animal products are used in the production of the tasty muffins and brownies.  They offer several baked good products and two kinds of frozen dessert, creamy vanilla soy and black sesame, which is a really cool purplish – black color.  I admit it took me way too long to get over to the shop but since then I have been back twice for the black sesame cream cones.

Unfortunately the last time I stopped by the Julu Lu shop ( Friday) it was closed for “some changes”, so I recommend you call first (6445-2137) or go on over to their other shop at SML Center,618 Xujiahui Lu,B2, T-13  for a heart healthy taste treat.

Eat Well , Live Well, Have Fun !Freshery