The Word on Watermelon

It is back to school season and at this time of year I do get more than the usual questions about the safety of the Shanghai food supply, in particular the fruits and vegetables.

Yesterday I was asked about watermelon, “should I feed the regular “off the truck” watermelon to my children?” Actually I have thought about this very question off and on over my years here in Shanghai. After a moment’s hesitation I usually shrug and cut myself a big juicy chunk.

However this time I decided it was time to put the question to rest.  One would logically think that watermelon should absorb the water around it and therefore absorb whatever nasty stuff in also in the water.  Remarkably all the information I could find states that watermelons have a low residue of pesticides on the outside and do not absorb bacteria or pesticides from the water or soil they are grown in. One reason is that apparently pesticides don’t work well on watermelon so little is used in their propagation. Watermelons also have that nice thick rind for protection.

I will keep searching on this topic but in the meantime, the best action you can take is to wash off all your melons before cutting. You don’t want your knife dragging the dirty outside into the clean flesh inside.

Time for a watermelon slushie!

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  1. One of the best juicing drinks in hot summer months is watermelon juice mixed with lime juice and a little soda water!

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