This Week’s Thirst Quencher

  Ever since my personal flirtation with severe dehydration this summer I have been fairly vigilant about keeping the ‘ol water tank filled.  I try to keep water bottles strategically placed around the house, in the car and at work but sometimes plain water is just that… plain boring.

Today was one of those days where I needed  a bit more to lift my sagging spirit. So out came the blender and in went the watermelon, the ice, the coconut water, the luscious raspberries from Marks& Spencer (check the freezer section for  beautiful, whole raspberries) and finally a couple of good spritzes from calamansi limes. A few spins in the blender and voila! Your Thirst Quencher of the week. Full of vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants including flavonoids and ellagic acid.

With this concoction not only are you replenishing and rehydrating but you are giving your health a boost with these two antioxidants.   Flavonoids are helpful in lowering cholesterol, thereby reducing your risk of heart disease and ellagic acid is thought to reduce your risk of cancer  by assisting your liver in removing harmful toxins. Who knew health could taste so good? Now you do!

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!

PS. The brand new 2nd Edition of the Eat Well Shanghai Guide to Eating Well at Home and on the Go will be available this weekend at the Expat Show. Find it at the Gluten Free Shanghai booth!


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