What’s for Dinner?

My first week back in Shanghai I was facing a house full of boxes and feeling quite overwhelmed.  We changed residences in August and my husband did a great job getting the big stuff moved and generally setting up shop. Even so I kept asking myself “what the heck was I thinking changing house…again”  but I also knew that in a couple months time everything would find its place and I would be happy and relaxed in our new home.

During this same week I also met some newcomers to Shanghai who after they said hello, immediately asked me where I shopped and what did I feel safe eating.   Wondering what to buy and feed the family and worrying whether the food is safe is easily more overwhelming than a few unopened boxes.

And we all should be concerned to a certain extent.  On the editorial page of the Weekend International Herald Tribune (August 18/19) there is a very informative opinion piece on the food safety issues in China.  Some I knew , that the food markets  have diversified and grown much faster then the government regulations and the concurring problems of too many government ministries competing to oversee safe food production and delivery. The  other issue of moral responsibility I will let you read about.  But what does this mean for us who are living here and need to make dinner tonight?

If you know me or have read any of my previous blogs you know that I advocate choosing a variety of foods from a variety of sources. I also believe organics are good for those foods that you eat the most often and have the most exposure to.  If you are worried about what is in your food, cook more from scratch.  Some of China’s biggest safety  issues have been with processed foods.

For the newbies to Shanghai I say go out and try the many new foods you encounter without fear. This is your chance to enjoy one of the oldest cuisines in the world.  In a couple of months time, the food choices will get easier and you too will feel better about making the move to this fantastic city.

I would also encourage you to buy the Eat Well Shanghai Guidebook for some sensible and reassuring approaches to eating and living well in Shanghai.  You can order the book by emailing me at info@eatwellshanghai.com  Now at the new low price of RMB100.

Eat Well,Live Well ,Have Fun !