When in Rome…or Shanghai

Sometimes it take a visitor to remind you of the hidden treasures we have here on the streets of Shanghai.

Recently a former Shanghai expat and good friend came to visit. During her stay she acquired two free passes to a Street Eats-Breakfast Tour by Untour, the self-proclaimed Foodie tour company of Shanghai.

If you have read previous posts of mine you may remember that I am not a frequent indulger of Shanghai street food but I will agree that there are some safe and  healthier choices. How is that for a modest qualifier!

Throwing all caution to the wind I decided to join my good visitor and see what the Untour folks had to offer.

Basically it was fun. I ate foods that I had previously only speculated about and now feel qualified to comment on.  We started with fresh , warm soy milk and You tiao ( the fried bread), surprisingly light. Followed by  onion pancake and hefty egg pancakes and jian bing, my personal favorite. Then there were some steamed dumplings and pot stickers all before the coffee break, because food sampling is hard work!

The coffee break at Egg on Xiangyang Lu was a perfect place for us to cleanse our palates and prepare for more breakfast delights. Shanghai has a surprisingly large number of street side morning choices.

Off we went to discover scallion oil noodles, bamboo tofu with peppers , and the famous xiaolong bao.  As we “rolled” to our last stop, the tour ended with a sweet finish not one of us could refuse, Lillian’s egg tarts.

Untour does know their street food and the advantage is the vendors they visit all know them and made our samples freshly before our eyes, which quieted my food safety reservations.

Untour does all kinds of food tasting/walking tours. The breakfast tour was a lovely way  to spend a spring morning wandering the Former French Concession. I hear there is a more daring night market food tour that I might just be tempted to try. I would have to close my eyes to eat a meat stick however!

To see all that Untour has to offer check their website: www.UntourShanghai.com or email them at info@untourshanghai.com

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!