When in Rome…

foggy trails

Whew!  I have finally surfaced from two weeks of ongoing jet lag; European jet-lag followed by North American jet-lag, and while it is never fun to have my head in the clouds for more than a day, the trip has been worth each and every foggy moment.  Whether you are tripping around the world or staying in Shanghai for the summer, most of us have shifted in to vacation mode.  And that often means throwing off our healthy eating habits for a week or two weeks (and for a lucky few, most of the summer).  While I can’t condone throwing the veritable baby out with the bath water, (a food analogy just doesn’t work here) I do believe that you should enjoy the fruits of your labor when on holiday and that means eating well.

The philosophy here at Eat Well Shanghai has always been to enjoy eating delicious food that can be as good for you as it tastes, and this includes vacation.  Every culture and holiday has unique foods and flavors and those should be enjoyed as part of the holiday experience.

On our recent stop in the Swiss Alps, my friend encouraged my daughter to eat crepes as we wandered along the shores of Switzerland’s Lake Geneva because “how often do you get the chance to eat crepes sitting under the trees by Lake Geneva”. She was right of course…it was a completely different taste experience from the crepes we get on Hami Lu.

And just as every place offers distinctive food experiences, there are also activities unique to every location that enhance meals and treats.  For instance I can attest that every wheel of cheese in Switzerland from the village of Gruyere to Lausanne tasted sublime but none tasted as good as the tete de moins we shared after a rambling alpine hike.

I often tell people it isn’t the foods that you eat on vacation that influence your health but what you eat on a daily basis every other day of the year that really counts.  So enjoy all the flavors of summer wherever you may travel, even if it is just to the former French concession to try a new restaurant.

And if you are new to Shanghai or have decided to read up on Eating Well in Shanghai, the EWS Guidebook is available this summer from the fabulous online healthy grocer, Fields at www. fieldschina.com and also at Nest at Taikang Lu and the Mélange Oasis Café at Jiashan Market (550 Shanxi Nan Lu).

Eat Well, Live Well, Have Fun!