Where are the egg rolls and pork fried rice?

Sorry my EWS posts have been a little behind schedule but I have been zipping around, playing tour guide for the past few weeks.  This week, two of my best friends from NYC descended on Shanghai and I was really interested in their thoughts on the food.  Maria, my Puerto Rican/Lower East Side friend, was instructed by her nephew to try egg rolls and pork fried rice to see if they really exist here or are just “made in America”.  Well, we put our minds to it and my ayi made them her version of an egg roll, which is incredibly light with sliced vegetables and strips of tofu rolled in rice paper and quickly fried in a wok and placed on a towel to soak any extra oil.  No resemblance to the dough and oil bombs we all know and love (and dip in sweet sweet sauce) from home.  Yum.   The next day, we went to Din Tai Fung for breaded pork and fried rice.  The pork was super tender and not greasy and the “fried” rice basically  just looked like plain rice with a little egg, peas and light sesame seeds.

My friends were blown away by how “light” and “healthy” all the food seemed compared to the goopy, saucy Chinese food we are used to back home.   Also, the fact that portions were way more manageable and eating with chopsticks was slowing them down.  In fact, they were joking that they felt like they had been at a spa all week (maybe this had more to do with the shanghai foot massages, driver and ayi than the food, but anyway) and were coming back healthier than when they left.  Wonder if after two or more years, can any of us say the same?